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We are committed to making sustainable choices while also ensuring the quality of the product is not affected, both when it comes to our carefully selected ingredients and our packaging.

What we do

Our containers are now made from sustainably sourced recycled paper, the lids are made from recycled plastic & it is all 100%recyclable. 

Our shake bottles, made from PET, are fully recyclable too.

We use 100% wool insulated cardboard boxes for our deliveries, these are fully recyclable and reusable.


The reason we use these products rather than alternatives is simply quality - other options simply do not withstand travel & storage well with leaking & disintegrating containers - not how anyone wants to find their food!
Our packaging allows us to deliver a more delicious & convenient product to you while also being sustainable. 

Continuous Improvements
All of the cups used on our sites, are made of paper and are fully compostable... The lids might be plastic look-alike, but they are made out of compostable corn!

We also now scoop all of our bases ourselves fresh to order rather than using a pre-packed solution, saving over 20,000 plastic bags a month!

We are committed to continuously testing new products as they come to market and hope an even friendlier solution will soon be available. 

What you can do

Containers & bottles are easy to clean & re-use.

Arrange collection
For home delivery customers, leave packaging at your delivery spot for collection on your next delivery date - we'll take these away to be reused/recycled.

Use less
We are further eliminating the amount of single use plastic by only offering compostable cutlery, also made out of corn, and biodegradable paper straws.

Bring your own
In our sites, we encourage our customers to bring in their own shaker or cup for their shake or coffee; as a ‘Thank you!’ for doing your bit for the planet, you get 5% off your drink!